In 2008, Sons of Anarchy rocked the FX channel for the first time. The biker-centric drama series had all the hard-hitting tough-nosed grit of a crime series. More than three years after the show’s final episode, fans are still obsessed with the stars of the show. However, in Hollywood, there is no safe future. Any one incident can make or break a career. Today we are looking into some of the characters of the hit show who became A-listers and some not so much.

#8. Flopped: Niko Nicotera (Ratboy Skogstrom)

Niko Nicotera attending an event wearing a black tie, coat and a white shirt

Niko Nicotera was a late addition to Sons of Anarchy when he joined the show in its fourth season as prospect Ratboy Skogstrom. Nicotera basked in fame for his intense performance in the show. However, his post – SOA career has not quite picked up the pace, achieving minor roles in movies and TV shows here and there.

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#7. A-lister: Titus Welliver (Jimmy O’Phelan)

Titus Welliver is sitting in the front seat of a car wearing a white shirt

Titus Welliver played the True IRA gun runner, Jimmy O’Phelan, in the third season of the show. The show’s third season is regarded as a rare misstep for the great show. However, Titus was critically acclaimed for his performance. Before SOA, Titus was known for his minor roles in movies and TV shows. Now, Titus has been able to make a transition to leading man in the hit show, Bosch.

#6. Flopped: Johnny Lewis (Half-sack Epps)

Johnny Lewis is wearing a woolen scarf around his neck with a subtle smile on his face

Johnny Lewis depicted the role of Half-Sack Epps in the first two seasons of the show. The character didn’t have much screen time and was a forgettable character, to say the least. In real life, Johnny had various run-ins with the law before he tragically passed away on September 26, 2012. But, let’s not speak ill of the dead.

#5. A-Lister: Maggie Siff (Tara Knowles)

Maggie Siff looks beautiful in blue dress

Before playing the role of Dr. Tara Knowles in the show, Maggie Siff had already made a name for herself with her memorable role in Mad Men. Maggie portrayed Jax’s love interest, Dr. Tara Knowles in Sons of Anarchy, and gathered excellent fan appreciation for the character. Since Tara’s gruesome demise in the show, Siff has become an A-list TV star with a role in the critically acclaimed show, Billions.

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#4. Flopped: Tommy Flanagan (Filip ‘Chibs’ Telford)

Tommy Flanagan has a scar on his face

Before climbing onto Chib’s Harley Davidson, Flanagan had consistently appeared in various TV show and movies throughout his career. While SOA wasn’t his path to the leading man status, it did provide Flanagan a long-term gig. After SOA, Flanagan has continued as a supporting actor in various movies including Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2.

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#3. A-Lister: Ron Perlman (Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow)

Ron Perlman is tying up his uppermost button of his shirt

Ron Perlman was already an established actor in the industry before he appeared in SOA as SAMCRO’s president Clarence Morrow. The role took his fame to a new height. The fans very much loved his character. After Morrow was taken out by Jax, Perlman has starred in various other roles, notably in the hit series, Hand Of God.

#2. Flopped: Theo Rossi (Juan Carlos ‘Juice’ Ortiz)

Theo Rossi as Juice Oritz in the hit series, Sons of Anarchy

Sporting tribal tattoos on his head and spouting some of the show’s sassier lines, Juice was a fan favorite character in SOA. Though Juice didn’t make it out of the prison alive in the show, Juan has played in various TV shows but hasn’t been able to crack the A-list.

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#1. A-lister: Charlie Hunnam (Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller)

Charlie Hunnam is wearing a half leather jacket and shirt

The role of Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller propelled Hunnam firmly onto the A-list thanks to his impeccable portrayal of the character. Before Jax, Hunnam had been an upcoming actor, known for menacing supporting parts in Children of Men and Cold Mountain. Since SOA ended, Hunnam has taken lead roles in mega-budget summer movies including King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Pacific Rim

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