Actors and actresses need to look as beautiful or as handsome as they can. As such, many talents in Hollywood opt for plastic surgery. Moreover, some of the biggest names in the business underwent a body modification of some sort.

As always, we aren’t ranking these actresses in any way or form. Moreover, the list presented down below won’t be in any particular order. So without dilly-dallying any further, here’s the list of ten Hollywood actress before and after plastic surgery:

10.Chrissy Teigen

The talented and beautiful actress Chrissy Teigen did not need surgery, in our opinion. Moreover, she looked gorgeous before her surgery. But, Teigen felt like she needed to go through with the procedure.

Hollywood actress Chrissy Teigen posing for a picture in a white dress
Chrissy Teigen posing for a picture in a white dress.
Source: Instagram (chrissyteigen)

Back in 2017, Chrissy stated to Reinery29 that she indeed went through liposuction. Furthermore, she went through the surgery back in 2012. More on her surgery, she had two inches removed from her armpit.