5. Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista came to the spotlight through the movie Prêt-à-Porter. Furthermore, she later appeared in many other films and TV shows. However, Evangelista started as a fashion model in Canada. Linda did not need any plastic surgery during her prime. However, as time passed, she opted to use Botox injections.

Hollywood actress Linda Evangelista Posing for a photoshoot
Hollywood actress Linda Evangelista was Posing for a photoshoot.
Source: Instagram (lindaevangelista)

Evangelista claims that she was the first to come clean regarding the use of Botox. Furthermore, the Hollywood star stated to the online source BAZAAR.com that her mother was distraught when she revealed it. Moreover, the actress/model also said that Evangelista wanted to tell the truth to her fans. And Linda also claimed that she would never deny that she uses Botox.

4. Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa came to the Hollywood scene in the 1970s All My Children. Furthermore, this show ran till 2013. And later, Ripa starred on a talk show called Live with Kelly and Ryan. However, as Ripa grew older, she started using Botox.

Hollywood actress Kelly Ripa at Fly LINQ Zipline in Vegas
Kelly Ripa at Fly LINQ Zipline in Vegas.
Source: Instagram (kellyripa)

Once on a live TV show, Kelly stated that she injected Botox because she seemed unwell. Moreover, she said she started using Botox as people kept asking her if she was okay. What’s more, other than Botox, the talented actress, and show presenter didn’t use other body modifications.