7. Patricia Heaton

Known for the show The Middle, Patricia Heaton is indeed a beautiful woman. Similarly, Heaton starred in many TV shows and sitcoms alike. Moreover, the 63-year-old actress looks impressive for her age. Patrica started her career in 1989 in the TV series Alien Nation.

Hollywood actress Patricia Heaton taking a picture at her home
Hollywood actress Patricia Heaton was taking a picture at her home.
Source: Instagram (patriciaheaton)

In 2003, she underwent surgery for a tummy tuck and breast reduction. Furthermore, she later went through four C-sections. Moreover, in the People magazine interview, she went through those operations to fit in her clothes. Likewise, she doesn’t seem to be regretting her choices.

6. Naya Rivera

Anyone who watched the beloved tv show Glee knows the name Naya Rivera. Moreover, she holds an impressive career in multiple fields. Furthermore, she worked as a singer, actress, and model! Rivera, the 33-year-old actress, looked drop-dead gorgeous even with the plastic surgery.

Hollywood actress Naya Rivera posing in a yellow dress
Naya Rivera was posing in a yellow dress.
Source: Instagram (nayarivera)

Rivera talked about her body modification in her book called Sorry Not Sorry. In there, she stated she did a boob augmentation at the age of 18. Besides, after the surgery, the actress became very popular in her school. Likewise, she stated in her book that many guys rushed to open the door for her. Naya further claimed that she is happy to see her reflection every time she looks in the mirror.