9. Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley started as a model and later worked her way up as an actress and an entrepreneur. And as for a reason she comes on our list, back in October of 2017, she admitted her use of Botox to People magazine. Furthermore, she opened up regarding her Xeomin and Ultherapy.

Hollywood actress Christie Brinkley taking picture at the beach
Hollywood actress Christie Brinkley was taking pictures at the beach.
Source: Instagram (christiebrinkley)

In the past, Christine held unparalleled beauty without any enhancement. Moreover, she gained fame after appearing in 1970s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Likewise, she appeared on many covers of different magazines.

8. Ashley Tisdale

Any Disney fans will undoubtedly know the name, Ashley Tisdale. Furthermore, she gained her stardom through Disney’s High School Musical. And without a doubt, she became a teenage heartthrob at the time. However, soon after, she went through surgery for her deviated septum.

Hollywood Celeb Ashley Tisdale posing in a beautiful with white dress
Hollywood Celeb Ashley Tisdale was posing in a beautiful white dress.
Source: Instagram (ashleytisdale)

After her surgery in 2007, Ashley stated to People magazine. It was never about body modification. Moreover, she also claimed she underwent surgery to become healthy. Similarly, she said that she could not breathe from the right nostril.