The week hasn’t been the greatest for YouTuber Jake Paul. After causing trouble in his West Hollywood neighborhood, it looks like Paul might get arrested soon. Here’s why the Disney star is in so much trouble!

Jake Paul causing havoc outside Team 10 house

Most celebrities would want to keep their residence information under wraps, but not Jake Paul! The Team 10 house address can be found with a simple Google search. So, it’s not a surprise that hundreds of crazy female fans, most of them in their early teens, flock the house all the time.

But things got out of hand this week, and Jake Paul’s neighbors are not having it! They have accused Paul of terrorizing the neighborhood and are calling it a “war zone.”

Jake Paul wearing  black leather bomber laughing hard

It’s quite understandable as in a previous video, Paul and Team 10 members tossed a bunch of furniture into an empty pool and set it on fire. Neighbors complained that the flames rose well above the house and looked pretty dangerous.

Following the debacle, Los Angeles based news channel KTLA 5 reached the Team 10 house to interview the Disney Channel star.

Jake Paul tweet about the recent backlash on his bad behaviour

Jake Paul climbed on a news van & made fun of a KTLA 5 reporter

Speaking to a KTLA 5 reporter, Paul freely admitted that the neighbors hate him. The YouTuber looked pretty chill about the whole situation and proceeded to have fun with his friends while he was being interviewed.

He went on to say, “Honestly, it’s terrible, it’s a bad situation for sure. I feel bad for them, for sure. There’s nothing we can do, the Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there. Dab.” And then, HE ACTUALLY DAB-ED.

In the course of the interview, Paul also climbs on the roof of the news van and later mocks the reporter’s shoes with the old Vine catchphrase, “What are those?”

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Jake Paul arrested for real?

A photo of Paul being handcuffed by the police went viral on Twitter after he made headlines with his infamous interview. A video also surfaced later on the internet.

But it has come to light that the photo is from a prank that YouTuber Curtis Lepore pulled on Paul in May this year. 

Paul may not have gotten arrested but things are not looking up for the young YouTuber. He was dropped from his Disney show on July 22.

YouTuber Jake Paul fired from Disney show after bad behavior?