Yerin Ha recently came to the mainstream spotlight. Moreover, Ha comes from a long line of actors. What’s more, Yerin auditioned for an art school in Korea.

Aside from acting, Yerin also holds credit as a dancer. Additionally, she appeared in the music video of I’ve Gotta Have You by Fluir. However, Ha prefers to lead a low-key life away from the media.

How old is Yerin Ha from the TV show Halo?

As of 2022, Yerin Ha is twenty-four years old. Moreover, Ha was born in the year 1998. Likewise, Yerin was born in Australia. Besides, the Halo actress holds an Aussie nationality.

Yerin Ha wore a white and black dress for a picture
Yerin Ha wore a white and black dress for the picture. Source: Instagram

Yerin comes from Asian ancestry. Likewise, Ha’s father was born in South Korea. However, Yerin’s mom keeps herself away from the media. Similarly, both Ha’s dad and mother remain hidden from the public.

Ha was born and raised in Australia for more of her early life. However, many things regarding the Asian actress remain hidden from her fans. But, the actress moved to South Korea after turning fifteen. Moreover, it remains unclear whether Yerin grew up with siblings or not.

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Besides Yerin attending an art school in South Korea, the rest of her educational background remains hidden. What’s more, even the name of the art school remains a complete mystery.

Is Yerin Ha Single?

Yes, the up-and-coming actress, Yerin Ha, is currently single. Moreover, the actress withholds her love life away from the public. And so, Ha is now presumed single.

Yerin Ha holding a Master Chief toy in her palm with a fellow Halo cast member.
Yerin Ha held a Master Chief toy in her palm with a fellow Halo cast member. Source: Instagram

Ha also keeps her past relationships hidden. Furthermore, the actress for Halo refrains from talking about her past. And so, the names of her partners remain hidden.

What’s more, the fans wonder about Yerin’s sexuality due to her mysterious persona. Given how pretty and talented the actress is, it would be no surprise if she is indeed dating away from the public eye. But, without solid evidence, Ha is single for now. And Yerin is more focused on her career.

How Much Net Worth Does Yerin Ha own?

Given how recently the actress came to the spotlight, Yerin Ha must own an approximated net worth of $500k. Moreover, Yerin received her big break in 2022.

Yerin Ha wore a black outfit for a picture.
Yerin Ha wore a black outfit for a picture. Source: Instagram

Currently, the Aussie actress plays Kwan Ha in Paramount’s Halo Tv series. Similarly, on Troppo, Yerin appeared as Ah Rah. Besides, in 2019, Ha landed the role of Technie Jane in Reef Break.

As a part of the main cast, an actor/actress earn thousand of dollars. Moreover, in the United States, the regular actress from a series makes around $50k per episode. Similarly, Ha earns a roughly estimated amount of $500k a year.

Online Presence

No, the actress Yerin Ha keeps herself away from social media sites. Moreover, fans of hers do run accounts under Ha’s name. Besides, Yerin prefers to keep a low profile away from the media.

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