Yanna McIntosh is a Jamaican-Canadian actress. Mclntosh started her career as a theater actress. In addition, she also taught acting at some colleges.

Mclntosh has appeared in both TV and movies. In 2015, she appeared as Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra. In addition, Yanna also appeared in Like a House on Fire.

How old is Yanna McIntosh?

Yanna McIntosh is 52 years old. The actress was born in 1970. However, Mclntosh’s exact date of birth is not available.

A headshot of Yanna Mclntosh
A headshot of Yanna Mclntosh
Source: TMDB

Mclntosh was born to Jacques Lorain(father) and Denise Filiatarult (mother). She also has a sister named Jacqueline Hennessy. Details on Yanna’s childhood are not available.

Yanna attended the University of Toronto. In addition, she trained for acting in theatrical productions at Harvard University. Mclntosh also taught theatre at the National Theatre School and Humber College.

Yanna McIntosh Relationships

There is no information available on Yanna Mclntosh’s romantic life. Hence, it is unclear if she is in a relationship. Besides, Mclntosh has a child whose identity is not revealed.

Yanna in Antony and Cleopatra
Yanna in Antony and Cleopatra
Source: IMDb

Yanna does not talk about her child with the media. In addition, information on the father of her child is also unavailable. Besides, Mclntosh keeps her personal life a secret.

However, it is unclear if Yanna is still with her child’s father. It is also unclear if the pair were ever married. Mclntosh prefers to keep her family affairs to herself.

Yanna McIntosh’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Yanna McIntosh’s net worth is between $1 million to $5 million. Mclntosh makes her primary income as an actress. However, she also worked as a teacher before becoming famous.

Yanna performing on stage
Yanna performing on stage
Source: The Theatre Time

Mclntosh started her career acting in theaters. Yanna appeared as Mary in Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart. Besides, she also appeared in David Hare’s Stuff Happens.

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The actress has since appeared in several TV shows. Yanna appeared in the 90’s medical drama Side Effects. Mclntosh has also appeared in Riverdale.

Social Presence

Yanna Mclntosh has an Instagram and Twitter account. However, Yanna is not very active on social media. In addition, non of Mclntosh’s socials are verified.

Yanna Mclntosh in character
Yanna Mclntosh in character
Source: Unstoppable

Mclntosh only has a handful of followers on both her accounts. In addition, her Instagram is private. Hence, the actress only wants her close ones to see her social media.

In addition, Yanna is not active on Twitter. The actress’ last tweet was in 2017. It is unclear if Mclntosh will ever share her life with the public.

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