A man with creativity at its peak and ideas to change the world, William Kennedy Smith is a legendary figure with a great name in the world of physicians. William Kennedy Smith is an American physician who concentrates on Landmines and its victims, William Kennedy Smith was born on 4th September of the year 1960. 54 years aged physician William Kennedy Smith was born in Brighton, Massachusetts, United States. He has his formal education in Duke University and prestigious and historical Georgetown University School of Medicine. He is a Roman Catholic. William Kennedy Smith was born in Brighton as the son Stephen Edward Smith and Jean Ann Kennedy. He with no doubt is a sensational man with astonishing abilities but his character has been often criticized and questioned. He has been put in trial for rape case 1991. Whatever his dark side is, he has the brighter one brighter enough to shade the dark one.  

He has been married to beautiful and gorgeous Anne henry since the year 2011 and this beautiful couple share two gorgeous children together named India Rose Smith born in 2012 and Stephen Smith of the year 2013. He is a man who has made himself recognizable through his efforts and hard work of years and years. Carrying his work as a part of her life, William has sketched himself with an inerasable ink in the pages of history of his profession. He is really a qualitative man with great attitude and super fine personality. He simply has every fine qualities required to be a physician of world class and this is evidenced by his phenomenal work. His works has been appreciated by the people and critics all around the world. William Kennedy is a rich man with handsome amount of net worth and strong earnings. He has a net worth of around $100 million American dollars.