Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Greene is still alive in the world of The Walking Dead, but very far away from all of the actions. The news of Cohan’s exit also came at the same time as Andrew Lincoln, but the reason remained somewhat questionable. Amid the rumors that her character might not return for season 9, she eventually showed up in the first 5 episodes, but her character’s exit hasn’t been explained.

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Will Maggie Greene Return?

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When season 8 was airing, she had issues in contract negotiation after she demanded a paycheck closer to her male counterparts, Lincoln and Norman Reedus. Ultimately, she failed to come to terms with AMC, and she signed up for a lead role in a new series, Whiskey Cavalier. While fans were worried that their favorite character was leaving, they were also relieved knowing that her character will be provided a proper closure in the future. However, it seems like the scenario is different. The episode, which was final for Lincoln, has claimed to be last for her as well. While Lincoln’s departure from the show was heavily promoted, nothing was heard about Cohan. Addressing Maggie’s appearance in the series, showrunner Angela Kang stated,

“We had known going into Season 9 that Cohan was leaving the series to film ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier,” but Maggie sure wasn’t written out of the show like Rick.”

Now, that the producers have assured that Maggie’s story isn’t finished, viewers are expecting that they will get to see Maggie in future. Kang and Scott Gimple noted, “We love Lauren Cohan and hope to have her back on the big program and/or beyond and we have built the story to service that.”

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It is possible that Maggie’s story could continue in a future season, if not in season 9, or possibly in one of Rick Grimes films, which are currently in works. Maggie, the leader of Hilltop Colony, left the community due to some kind of massive rift between her and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Fans expect to find the reason behind her and Michonne’s opposition against each other, in days to come. Perhaps, if we won’t see her again, her character’s closure may happen via a letter she sends to the Hilltop.


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