Instagram has come a long way in the ten years since its start in late 2010. People share travel photos to become a place to read about celebrity news and shop for your favorite products. With around 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a massive platform and hugely popular worldwide with the rise of influencers. 

So, are you curious to find out who the top influencers of the entire world are? Yes? Then watch the video till the end to get your facts right. Get ready to know about the top 10 celebrities with the most followers on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo (385m followers)

We’ve arrived at our most popular Instagram user, Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a forward for Juventus and the captain of the Portuguese national team, and he’s one of the best footballers the world has ever seen, and his fan base is growing. Talking about his Instagram account, there aren’t too many surprises in his feeds. Numerous photographs of him with his family, him playing football, and pictures of him enjoying life in general.

Christiano Ronaldo was holding his Guinness World Records certificate.
Source: Instagram / cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo also holds the record for having the most Instagram followers with over 200 million. The highest-paid Instagram celebrity can earn up to $1.6 million every post. Instagram is believed to bring in more than $40 million a year for the 36-year-old. That’s a lot of cash!

Kylie Jenner (296m followers)

Kylie Kenner is undoubtedly the biggest star on Instagram, neck, and neck with Messi. She formerly claimed the top spot for a most-liked Instagram post, and she now has multiple entries in the top ten. Kylie’s Instagram page exemplifies the “Instagram” lifestyle, with mansions, pools, private jets, bikinis, and more Lambos than you’ve ever seen. Her feeds account focuses on her job and personal life, including photographs of her baby and her partner.

Kylie Jenner posing in her bikini for a post on her Instagram
Source: Instagram / kyliejenner

After a long day, Kylie’s Instagram is the escapist fantasy you need to swipe through. The American media personality is paid roughly $1.2 million for a single Instagram post, contributing to her $700 million net worth.

Lionel Messi (296m followers)

The next number is the soccer star Lionel Messi, forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and captain of the Argentinian national team. His Instagram is everything you’d expect from one of the world’s most recognized players, such as images of him playing, glimpses into his personal life, and glimpses into other events he attends.

Lionel Messi was holding his jersey.
Source: Instagram / leomessi

Lionel Messi earns an incredible $1.2 million from Instagram postings, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo as the top earner. Barcelona skipper was recently announced as the second-highest earning male football star globally.

Ariana Grande (287m followers)

One of the most famous and popular singers on the planet, it’s natural Ariana Grande is popular on Instagram and the second most-followed woman on the platform. Her feed is full of pictures of her performing, meeting other celebrities, and your general depictions of living the high pop life.

Ariana Grande posing in a white dress for her post on Instagram
Ariana Grande posing in a white dress for her post on Instagram.
Source: Instagram / arianagrande

In recent years, the 28-year-old pop diva has taken her internet presence to the next level, potentially earning millions of dollars through endorsements and sponsorships. Ariana Grande is being paid $966,000 for every Instagram post.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (286m followers)

Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson is our lone wrestler in the top 10. The Rock is so-named for a reason as in “muscles as hard as a” or “body that appears to be chiseled from.”Star of the WWE and now world-famous actor, he takes the 5th spot. However, there are not many surprises on his feeds. There are lots of shots from filming, pictures of him in the gym, and posts about his family. 

Dwayne the Rock Johnson working out in his gym.
Dwayne, the Rock Johnson, is working out in his gym.
Source: Instagram / therock

Whether you’re searching for fitspo, the actor keeps fans up to speed on his training program, which is a significant appeal. The fun fact about having millions of followers is a side business too. Now, Dwayne’ he RRock’Johnson is charging advertisers $1.2 million per Instagram post.

Selena Gomez (285m followers)

Oh wow, it’s her!! Selena Gomez has been a regular list of most-liked Instagram photos in the past. Her Instagram account is full of selfies, images of herself at events, and pictures of her pals, but it also has a few political posts about women’s rights.

Selena Gomez posing for a selfie
Source: Instagram / selenagomez

Gomez was the highest-paid celebrity on Instagram in 2017. The “Lose You to Love Me” singer hasn’t been an active Instagrammer in recent months, which may have contributed to her dropping from the top spot on our list. Many of her recent postings are ads for firms she collaborates with, such as Coach and Puma. Plus, with the advent of her Rare Beauty line, Spon-con also includes some extremely useful tutorials for various skin tones. Today the American singer is paid over $848,000 per Instagram post.

Kim Kardashian (275m followers)

Yes, Kim still posts her share of headline-making, sometimes-naked selfies on Instagram. Generally, alongside mind-boggling captions, the mother of four’s most standout posts these days are the intimate pictures she shares of her family.

Kim Kardashian flaunts in a black bikini.
Source: Instagram / kimkardashian

KKim’saccount is strikingly similar to those of her family members. Many photos from her modeling career and the events she attends and intimate details such as old family photos. The American personality is one of the Kardashian clan’s elder statesmen and has amassed a fortune on the Internet, earning USD 858,000 every post.

Beyoncé Knowles (229m followers)

Then tthere’sQueen Bey herself. Beyoncé is notoriously private, and her Instagram feed isn’t a deep window into her personal life, but it is a pretty reliable window into her best looks, aka every look, she’s ever shared. The pop giant has an estimated net worth of around USD 500 million and is one-half of the biggest celebrities on earth. 

Beyoncé Knowles posing in front of a mirror
Source: Instagram / beyonce

On the other hand, Beyonce Knowles is said to be able to charge USD 770,000 for each Instagram post. Her pregnancy announcement was once the most liked post on Instagram, in addition to ranking high on the list.

Justin Bieber (213m followers)

Next, we have Bieber! Being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, it’s no surprise he made a list he’s just surpassed a massive 200 million followers. On Instagram, Justin Bieber is unapologetically himself. Snapshots of him in the studio, insights into his married life with wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber, shoutouts to his native Canada, irreverent selfies, and stream of consciousness thoughts on spirituality make up his Instagram account.

Justin Bieber relaxing near a pool.
Source: Instagram / justinbieber

Though taking a significantly less active approach to Instagram and social media over the previous several years, Justin Bieber is still one of the biggest personalities online. The “Baby” singer currently costs over $747,000 per ad.

Kendall Jenner (210m followers)

On the number 10, we have the model, Kendall Jenner. The gorgeous mmodel’sInstagram account is rather straightforward, with posts promoting her photoshoots and fashion work, as well as selfies and pictures from her personal life. Her feed is a pure aspiration, loaded with private jets, model photos, and celeb hangouts, just like her equally famous sisters.” 

Kendall Jenner took a mirror selfie for her Instagram post.
Source: Instagram / kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner had the most liked photo on the entire Instagram platform at one stage. S e may have lost that crown, but she remains one of IInstagram’smost popular and well-paid users. Aside from the enormous USD 608,000 she can charge for a post. The model has recently founded a new tequila company and a Moon cosmetics model.

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