Todd Hoffman is well-known for his appearance in the sturdy hit gold-mining show, Gold Rush, which airs on Discovery Channel. After nine years in the show, Todd announced his exit from the show on Gold Rush: Live in February 2018.

Todd Hoffman’s Life after Leaving Gold Rush

Discovery aired the Hoffman farewell episode on March 16. Now that season 8 has wrapped, the viewers are looking forward to the new season. But what the new season has to offer after the departure of a fan-favorite gold miner, Todd and his crew, with Rick Ness leading a team? It seems, for that, we have to wait a little longer.

Todd Hoffman is facing straight at the camera. He is wearing a black sweatshirt and a red helmet. He is standing on the mining area.

While fans eagerly await to witness Todd’s next adventure, he has recently come forward with his game project, Planet Gold Rush. In 2016, Variety reported that Todd started a production company with Jose Behar named ZUM Media, and it seems he is actively working with it.

Todd Hoffman is Leaving Gold Rush! What Will He Do Next?

After years in show business, he has racked up a $7 million fortune and is ready to spread the wealth. With Truly Social Games for 90 days, starting on July 8, the highest-scoring iPhone & Android app players will get 2 ounces of gold, equalizing $2500 each week. The prize will be sent to each winner via mail along with a T-shirt and letter of authenticity.

Todd Hoffman is posing for the camera on the mining area. He facing straight at the camera. He is wearing a red hoodie and a red helmet.

It’s already almost a month, so the app is not here for long. So, download the Planet Gold Rush app on the iTunes App Store and Google Play and get a chance to win gold.


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