Kris Ford is best recognized for his appearance in the Discovery’s hit show, Sons of Guns. After the cancellation of the show in 2014, he has been out of the limelight. What happened to him? Where is he now?

What happened to Kris Ford after the cancellation of Sons of Guns?

While Sons of Guns was gaining popularity nationwide, the show was pulled off by Discovery on August 27, 2014, after the show’s cast William Hayden was arrested on several child molestation charges. As of now, William is spending a mandatory term of life behind bars in Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola.

William Hayden posing for the camera with his Sons of Guns cast members, his daughter, Stephanie and son-in-law.

After, the cancellation of show Sons of Guns, Kris Ford and his wife, Stephanie Wayden also got arrested for abusing a child. The two were sent behind bars. Kris was accused of assaulting Stephanie’s child from the previous relationship.

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Child’s father, William Scott levied the allegations. The abuse occurred in September 2014 where Kris allegedly hit the kid with a belt which left him with bruises on lower buttock area. Stephanie’s arrest warrant stated that she witnessed the “intentional mistreatment.” Bond was set at $25,000 each, as per jail records.

Kris Ford and his wife, Stephanie Ford are posing for the camera. Kris is wrapping his hands on Stephanie's waist.

After being released from the jail, he has maintained a reputed life. As of early 2018, he is working in his father’s shop, Ford’s Firearms as a spearhead of the company. The company manufactures and offers “NRA certified” Gunsmithing. He also promotes the firm with frequent updates of the new designs of guns in social media.

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Kris Ford rose to fame as a star of the Discovery’s hit show, Sons of Guns. 

The well to do series was called off by Discovery due to the rape stains that his father-in-law, William Hayden was stamped with.

The Hayden family patriarch was arrested for molestation accusations from multiple women, including his own daughter, Stephanie Hayden (Kris’ wife).

Stephanie went official about her traumatic experience with father Will amidst two accusations by different women.

Shortly after the incident, Kris and Stephanie were dragged into another controversy the same year. 

Kris and Stephanie were put behind bars for child harassment. Kris had gone harsh as he hit Stephanie’s son from her prior relationship.

Father of the victim, William Scott’s complaint, bruises in the child’s lower buttock area & his statements were enough evidence. 

But that was then; Kris Ford has been released off the bar for long now and leads a reputed healthy life.

He currently works in his father’s shop, Ford’s Firearms, a company that manufactures and offers ‘NRA Certified’ Gunsmithing.

He acts as the spearhead of the company. 

He currently designs and shares his creation with audiences through his social media and is seen promoting the merch.