Pawn Stars fans have been wondering where Chumlee is. It also became a matter of concern because rumors have been circulating that he’s dead. Well, that’s just a hoax…Chumlee’s pretty much alive. Here’s where Chumlee has been.

Chumlee from Pawn Stars: Dead or alive?

Chumlee is well and alive. No, he didn’t die of a heart attack or a marijuana overdose, if that’s even possible.

Pawn Stars Chumlee standing on the edge of a balcony, there's a scenic Las Vegas night life behind him

The death hoax started after gossip outlet Internet Chronicle reported that the reality star had overdosed on marijuana. “In what may come to be a medical landmark, ‘Chumlee’ Russell of Pawn Stars fame died from a marijuana overdose Monday night and was found by friend “Big Hoss” Harrison on Tuesday morning,” read the fake article.

It also mentioned that Austin “Chumlee” Russell was arrested for possession of marijuana in 2016, which is true, and credited his death to the improper use of vaporizers.

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Chumlee has been active on Twitter

To know if Chumlee is dead or alive, you need only see his Twitter account. He’s been tweeting recently! He has been sharing videos and photos of himself with his 239K followers @chumlee_.

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