Logan Paul has disappeared from YouTube since he last posted his apology video. Where is he?

Let us give you a flashback on why Logan Paul posted the apology video. 

Logan had been to Japan with his crew with the intention of providing new content to his viewers, but the plan failed miserably. 

He had been uploading vlog on a daily basis during his trip, and was showered with negative reviews. 

His videos showed him being disrespectful to the Japanese culture in many ways, but his followers were shielding him from the negative reviews until his vlog from December 31, 2017. 

He was filming in the Japanese suicide forest when he and his friends came across a dead body. 

Paul couldn’t put a halt on his comedy even in a serious situation.

Even though the suicide victim’s face was blurred, they made comments that received a huge outcry from the public including his followers too.

Following the outcry, Paul deleted the video from YouTube and posted a video with apologies for his disgracious acts. 

He promised his outraged fans that he would try to be better and asked them to stop defending his actions. 

Logan was last spotted in Los Angeles jogging around the residential area after the apology video.

He announced on Twitter that he is currently taking time off from YouTube, to reflect upon his actions.

Is he abandoning his channel forever? When will he be back with another vlog? The questions remain unanswered.