Kirk Douglas is a living legend in the film industry. More recently, the 101-year-old actor appeared on the Golden Globe Awards 2018 with a dismantled face and that with no doubts has left his fans stunned. If you’re wondering too, read on to find out about it.

What exactly happened to Kirk Douglas face?

Kirk Douglas, widely known for his classics like Spartacus, Path of Glory and 2000 Leagues Under the Sun, has a legacy that’ll stay among his admirers for a long time. Before starting his iconic career as a movie star, Kirk was a part of United States Navy in World War II.

Kirk Douglas was honored at the 75th Golden Globe Awards for his incredible career. The veteran actor emerged on the stage in a wheelchair with his daughter-in-law. The audience welcomed Kirk with a standing ovation in the all-star event. Many of his fans were not surprised to see such an iconic celebrity in the ceremony, but the way he appeared shocked most of them.

Kirk Douglas is sitting on a chair. He is clapping his hands.

On January 28, 1996, Kirk Douglas had suffered a massive stroke. The aftermath of the stroke robbed his speaking ability along with his ability to move. Kirk soon began an intense speaking therapy to make partial recoveries.

What happened to Trick Daddy’s face?

Kirk’s dangled face during the Golden Globe Awards 2018 might partly be the consequences of the same stroke. But as a 101 years old man, his age has a  lot to do with that.

Since his health issues limited his career in film industry, Kirk and his wife have raised their interest in philanthropy. Also, the pair intends to donate their fortune to the charity after their demise.