Fans of iDubbbz are in a frenzy to find out what happened to iDubbbz’s channel. The YouTuber’s channel was terminated briefly on November 23 without any explanation. Don’t worry, the channel’s back up now. So, why was iDubbbz’s channel terminated?

Did iDubbbz get terminated for violating YouTube guildlines?

Controversies are not new for iDubbbz (real name Ian Kane Washburn). His “Content Cop” videos are popular for calling out fellow YouTubers for their behavior, which ensue drama among the community fans. 

In October, he uploaded one of his “Content Cop” videos targeting YouTube sensation RiceGum.

So, it wasn’t a big surprise for many when they found out that iDubbbz’s channel had been terminated by YouTube.

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iDubbbz slams YouTube for wrongful channel termination

iDubbbz’s channel was restored by YouTube eventually but the YouTuber had some things to get off his chest. He took to Twitter to vent his frustration at the termination. On November 25, 2017, he wrote “it sounds like you aren’t giving these channels any warning about the new guidelines. sad.” 

iDubbbz twitter post calling out Youtube for channel termination

However, it doesn’t look like his channel was terminated because of violations of community guidelines.

YouTube algorithms have been causing havoc for several creators; unnecessary demonetizing, LGBT content restrictions, and wrongful termination. It seems like iDubbbz was also victimized by YouTube’s faulty logic.

He wasn’t the only one to be affected. Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien also got his YouTube channel, Team Coco, terminated. Drama Alert and MrRepzion were also terminated, however, all three of them have been restored.

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