Erik Roberts Salitan is an American hunter and guide who is best known for his work on the National Geographic’s show Life Below Zero.

He attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and holds a degree in Applied Science.

He moved to Alaska when he was 18 as he didn’t want to get stuck in a factory job.

He lives in Wiseman, Alaska, 67 miles from the Arctic Circle with his wife, Martha Mae Salitan.

The couple are invested in the Fairbanks community, and their son Lucas Salitan is enrolled at Wood River Elementary.

He is also the co-owner of Blanchard Family Funeral Home and owner of Talarik Creek Lodge.

Once he mysteriously disappeared from the show, leaving his fans curious about his whereabouts.

Life Below Zero posted a tweet in 2014 mentioning his return to the show, but fans questioned as to why he was seemingly replaced by Glen.

Nat Geo replied on the tweet stating that Erik was away handling his business.

Fans posted queries of his disappearance again on Facebook in 2015 and his fellow cast member, Susan Aikens answered that the couple would be back in later episodes.

National Geographic posted a deleted scene from the show on Youtube, where Erik talks about him proposing Martha and how it all went down.