Dane Cook’s career as stand-up comedian skyrocketed in the mid-2000s. Dane was on top of the game at one point in his career. He enjoyed an extensive career with well-acclaimed comedy album releases, tours, stand-up performances and few movie features as well. While his popularity was reaching the apex of success, Dane somehow gradually disappeared from the razzle-dazzle of the industry. That has now actually left people to wonder about what must have happened to Dane Cook? Where is he now? Keep reading to check out details about the humorist!

Dane Cook’s successful career as stand-up comedian

The American comedian, Dane Cook, first started out in the comedy as the part of sketch troupe. Later in 1994, he started performing small-time stand-ups in the New York City and ultimately moved to Los Angeles in the pursuit of his career. It was in 1998 when the funny man made his breakthrough after making his appearance on Comedy Central’s, Premium Blend. Dane earned himself a half hour show in the Comedy Central in 2000.

Dane Cook is holding a mic in his right hand. He is looking away from the camera delivering his performance.

Three years later, Dane released his first ever comedy album called Harmful If Swallowed. The album received decent reviews from the critics. But after the release of his second comedy album, Retaliation, in 2005, Dane’s career was off and running. Retaliation made it to the #1 spot on the Billboard Comedy Album charts and bagged #4 spot on the Billboard 200. 

Following the success of the album, Dane earned himself the opportunities to star in few mainstream movies. He appeared in the films like Waiting.., Good Luck Chuck, Dan in Real Life.

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What happened to the comedian Dane Cook?

When Dane Cook’s popularity and success seemed like never-ending, it suddenly faded into the blues. One of the biggest reason for the dip in Dane’s career might be the personal tragedy of losing both his parents. He lost both his parents because of cancer in the time span of only nine months. Furthermore, Dane’s half-brother who worked as his manager then was also found guilty of embezzling $12 million in 2008.

Dane Cook is facing the camera with a serious look on his face. He is wearing a white shirt, printed tie and grey suit.

Dane was later accused of plagiarism by other comedians like Louis C.K and Joe Rogan. Besides, in 2012, he was also involved in controversy after bombing joke about a theatre shooting in Colorado, just a week after the actual incident. The comedian took a lot of heats from the fans and the critics for his senseless joke. All these factors, one after another, started cutting his screen times short and as a result of his popularity slowly declined. Additionally, Dane’s film didn’t perform well at the box office either. However, his acting flairs has made him recognizable in the industry.

Where is Dane Cook now?

After enjoying a fairly decent time on the top as a comedian, Dane Cook abruptly disappeared from the spotlight. Recently, he has been slowly gathering his groove back to the limelight. At the end of 2017, Dan appeared in a new comedy special with his fresh style and updated materials. He also appeared in a critically acclaimed film, American Gods, in a brief role. Dane is set to appear in the American Exit as a co-star in 2018.

Dane Cook taking a selfie with his much younger girlfriend Kelsi Taylor. The two are holding beverages on take away cups.

Besides his career, Dane’s personal life is also getting a whole lot of attention, lately. The 45-year old humorist has been relishing a passionate relationship with 19-year-old musician girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor. Dane has also been assisting Kelsi to thrive her career in music. The humorist has so far opted to keep his dating life under the radar, but that is not stopping him from sharing snaps with his girlfriend on the image-sharing platform. The two has been continuously sharing their picture on Instagram setting relationship goals.

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