Dakota Fred Hurt is famously known as the cast member of the Discovery’s reality series, Gold Rush. With charming as well as manipulative persona, he was able to increase a huge fan base in the show. Just when Dakota was starting to dig big treasures, he was gone! What happened to Dakota Fred from the Gold Rush? Read on to find of what he is doing now!

What happened to Gold Rush’s Dakota Fred? 

Dakota Fred first joined the adventure of the Gold Rush as an adviser for the Hoffman Group in the first season. The team was then trying to mine gold from the Jim Nail Placer Mine in Haines, Alaska.

In the second season, after Todd Hoffman failed to make the lease payment, Dakota grabbed the opportunity and bought the claim from his other team members. The team ended up mining 80.4 ounces of gold in total which was approximately worth of $125,500. Later, Dakota formed his own mining crew along with his son, Dustin Hurt called The Dakota Boys.

Dakota Fred pulls the stunt of sliding on a rope. His right is holing the harness while his body is leaned back. He is carrying a huge yellow bag on the side. He is wearing a camo cap, light brown jacket, jeans and a hiking boot.

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The next season was even bigger and better for Dakota. He and his new crew managed to dig up staggering $250,000 worth of gold. In the fourth season of the Gold Rush, Dakota decided to pull the stakes higher and headed to Cahoon Creek. He and the crew brought home the total of 280 ounces of gold from their new adventure. And, the next season, The Dakota Boys were gone!

Despite four incredible seasons in the Gold Rush, Dakota and his son left the show in 2014 due to some disagreement for a pay raise. The dispute started after the gold miner demanded a bigger paycheck for the show which was reportedly refused by the Discovery Channel.

Soon after departing from the show, Dakota announced that he had started working on a brand new gold mining show, All That Glitters. Unfortunately, the show never made it to the screen.

Where is Dakota Fred Hurt now?

Despite a dispute in the past, Dakota and the Discovery Channel once again shook hands. The channel officially announced in the December 2017 that the two parties will be working together for the new spin-off series of the reality show called Gold Rush: White Water

The show recently premiered on the Discovery Channel on January 19, 2018. Dakota was seen working alongside his son, Dustin Hurt on the show. He has been sharing about his new adventure of the White Water on Facebook.

Gold Rush star, Dakota Fred Hurt is taking a selfie standing on the beach. He is wearing white shirt.

As of now, Dakota has been committed to panning golds in the cold wild creeks of Alaska in the show. After working as a gold miner for more than a decade, Dakota has banked an incredible amount of net worth. Throughout his career, he has accumulated an enormous net worth of $6 million dollars.

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Dakota Fred married for the second time after the demise of first wife

Dakota Fred’s departure from the Gold Rush left many of his fans in dismay. The reality star went on a long hiatus following his departure from the show. In February 2015, Dakota shared a heartbreaking news to his fans about the demise of his wife, Lorrayne Hurt on Facebook.

Dakota Fred is standing alongside of his wife, Jennifer Sheets. The couple is slightly smiling at the camera. Dakota is wearing a blue shirt and a black coat. Jennifer is holding a flower on her left hand.

In July 2016, Dakota got married for the third time. He tied the knot with his executive assistant, Jennifer Sheets. The marriage ceremony was attended by his close friends and family. Another Gold Rush cast member Tony Beets and his wife Minnie Beets also attended the wedding ceremony. As of now, Dakota and his spouse, Jennifer has been sharing a blissful married life together.

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Dakota Fred Hurt is widely known for his good guy/bad guy persona in the television series ‘Gold Rush.’

He was added to the show as an advisor for the Hoffman group, who were trying to get some gold from the Jim Nail Placer Mine in Haines, Alaska.

When Todd Hoffman failed to make a lease payment, Fred bought the claim from other cast members.

The claim brought 80.4 ounces of gold which translated into $125,500, and he created his own crew with his son, Dustin Hurt.

Next season, Fred’s crew brought home quarter of a million dollars in gold and in the fourth season, they managed to dig up 280 ounces of gold.

Fred and Dustin left the show in 2014 due to a dispute over pay raise between Fred and Discovery Channel.

After the split from the show, he started working on a new show, All That Glitters. But, the show was never aired.

Fred’s wife Lorrayne passed away on February 2, 2015, after her long battle with illness.

He married his executive assistant Jennifer Sheets in July 2016; friends and family attended the wedding ceremony.

‘Gold Rush’ stars, Tony Beets and his wife Minnie Beets were also among the attendees.

Though Discovery Channel and Fred had their differences, they shook hands to create a new ‘Gold Rush’ spin-off show called ‘Gold Rush: White Water.’

Fred and Dustin will return to McKinley Creek, Alaska, in the show that will premiere on January 19, 2018.

After working in the mining business, for over a decade, Dakota Fred Hurt has accumulated a net worth of approximately $6 million.