Sources claim that Boonk is in the hospital after a drug overdose. He hasn’t updated his Twitter since November 16. What happened to Boonk? Did he get arrested or something? His absence really makes us wonder if he’s dead or alive as he has been battling with addiction. Read on for more details on the social media star.

Is Boonk in the hospital after a drug overdose?

Recent news of rapper Lil Peep’s death from drug overdose has the whole generation shocked.

He was found unresponsive ahead of a scheduled show on November 15. Fans of Boonk are really worried if something similar has happened to Boonk, especially since a video has surfaced that shows Boonk on a hospital bed. 

There’s no confirmation if the video’s legit but it has raised concerns among his well wishers. Hope everything’s fine!

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Did Boonk get himself arrested?

Much of Boonk’s fame is based off of him committing petty crimes on camera. He had been trying to get noticed on social media since he was 15 and he did just that by recording himself while stealing, an act which he has termed as “boonking.”

Because of his controversial videos, he has been able to gain 3.6 million followers on Instagram @boonk.ig and 81.9 K followers on Twitter @boonkgang.

Boonk tweet saying Stealing is wrong, Boonking is okay

He has gotten in trouble with the police for his videos. Once, he stole food from a Dunkin’ Donuts and posted the whole thing on Instagram.

The cops recognized him and arrested him. He was sentenced to two months probation. The controversy was the final push that launched his social media fame.