Wayne, who is counted among the best car builders today, was not sure of choosing this field.

He had tried his hands in teaching as a college teacher but eventually ended up stepping into his father’s shoes, who ran an automotive body shop.

Now, his hard work has made him one of the iconic car makers in the country.

He learnt the art of restoration from his mentor, Francois Sicard. Sicard was a former Ferrari racing mechanic.

Carini owns three companies in Portland namely F40 Motorsports, Continental Auto Ltd, and Carini Carrozzeria.

F40 Motorsports deals with the buying and selling of vintage and classic automobiles.

Likewise, Continental Auto Ltd is a collision shop which specializes in the high end and exotic automobile repair.

Wayne, however is seen spending most of his time at his third company, Carini Carrozzeria, a restoration shop.

Wayne has been quite open about his reliability on Roger Barr, his father’s close friend for any mechanical damages in his shops.

His appearance in television and the ownership of successful companies has helped him collect up a net worth of $20 million. 

As for now, after the Chasing Classic Cars’ ninth season wrap up, he is busy with his daily business and season ten build ups.

Wayne has been married to Laurie for over three decades now. He’s been blessed with two daughters; Lindsay & Kimberly.

He has been an avid supporter for the cause of autism and has founded the autism science and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks.

This somewhat relates to him on personal grounds as his younger daughter, Kimberly has been a victim of the disease since early age.