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Behind the scene facts of Wayne Carini's Chasing Classic Cars

There’s a whole bunch of automotive-themed shows out there but if we’re talking about the best ones, Chasing Classic Cars definitely tops that list. The show follows Wayne Carini, a restoration expert and Ferrari enthusiast who gives us glances at some of the world’s rarest and most exotic cars. For most of us, it’s the only chance to get a sneak peek at the world of elite car collectors who open up their exclusive garages only to Wayne.

However, like any other reality show, there’s more to Chasing Classic Cars than what meets the eye. So in this list, we present before you five interesting facts about the show and the host Wayne Carini that you probably didn’t know.

The Real Life Chaser

The show’s called “Chasing Classic Cars” which mirrors Wayne’s lifelong chase of cars since the age of 16. He was brought up in a car family where his father worked as a restorer and his cousin built hot rods. Being born and bred within the automobile refurbishing industry, Wayne eventually ended up in the same line of work.

 Wayne Carini is on a bike

The Chief of Essex Television Group, Jim Astroski noticed this and approached Wayne for a TV show pitch, which is basically how the show was born.

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Show Business

Wayne has done restoration works for the likes of David Letterman and tennis legend, Ivan Lendl. He’s your go-to guy if you want to purchase or restore a classic car. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, an automobile legend. 

Wayne Carini is right beside the car

But he’s not a know-it-all like the show depicts. The world of classic cars is huge and Wayne doesn’t always know exactly what he’s looking at. Just like the guys in ‘Pawn Stars’ and the Secret Stash gang from Comic Book Men don’t always know what they’re talking about. Sometimes, it’s just show business.

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Wayne’s Car Collection

We’ve seen cars in the show that’s never been shown in public for decades. For instance, the 1952 Muntz Jet in Season 1 and ultra-rare 1964 Shelby Cobra USRRC Roadster in Season 3.

Wayne Carini is standing right beside his car

That’s in the show but Wayne himself owns an impressive collection of over 25 classic cars, including some rarities like 1936 Ford Pickup and 1948 David Davin.

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From Teacher to Car Expert

Wayne eventually and rightfully landed back into the family restoration business but there was a time when he wanted nothing to do with cars. He studied at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain to become an art teacher. But since job prospects for art teachers were scarce, that did not pan out well for him. 

Wayne Carini  is wearing a green shirt

So, he went back to his roots, learned Ferrari restoration from Francois Sicard and became the car expert that we all know and love.

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A Rating Machine

The show has been around on TV for a long, long time. Since 2008 to be precise. It has eleven seasons under its banner and based on its popularity, doesn’t seem to go anywhere any time soon.

Wayne Carini is standing with his hands fold

However, it reached its pinnacle only in the last two years as a standout show for Velocity. The season premiere of the show’s 10th season in 2017 totaled the largest audience in the month for Velocity, which was an increase from 59% last year. This only means good news for the fans as they might be getting more of Chasing Classic Cars in the future.

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