One of the greatest men who have ever served the world of music Warren Zevon was a sensational figure with sensational abilities. A legendary man whose contribution for world music can never be overlooked, Warren Zevon has proven that sometime death isn’t strong enough to wash away the great deeds of a man. Warren Zevon was an American rock singer-songwriter and musician born on January 24th of the year 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He died at the age of 56 on September 7th of the year 2003 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Warren Zevon was named Warren William Zevon in his birth and was also known as Sandy Zevon and Stephen Lyme. His music belonged to genres like rock, country rock, folk rock, hard work and blues rock. He is songwriter and vocalist but too could play guitar, piano, and harmonica very well. He served the world of his profession since the year 1965 till the year of his death i.e. 2003. He was labeled with White Whale, Imperial, Asylum, Virgin, Giant/Reprise/Warner Bros., Artemis and Koch Entertainment.

Discography of legendary Warren Zevon:

·         Wanted Dead or Alive, of the year 1969

·         Warren Zevon, of the year 1976

·         Excitable Boy, of the year 1978

·         Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School, of the year 1980

·         The Envoy, of the year 1982

·         Sentimental Hygiene, of the year 1987

·         Transverse City, of the year 1989

·         Mr. Bad Example, of the year 1991

·         Learning to Flinch, of the year 1993

·         Mutineer, of the year 1995

·         Life'll Kill Ya, of the year 2000

·         My Ride's Here, of the year 2002

·         The Wind, of the year 2003

Warren Zevon was a rich man during his living and most of his properties were handed over to her children. His economic prosperity was supported by his legendary albums and concerts. His bio is available in wiki along with details of his works.