Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel is making headlines after his next-door neighbor got upset about the actor’s massive security staff, calling the guards’ intervention in their personal gated community “abusive” and “absurd.”

As per TMZ, the neighbor wrote in the letter, “For a few weeks I have personally witnessed and heard from fellow homeowners the unprecedented and abusive display of your security people around our homes and beach.”

They added, “Interrogating us, blocking our street with five or six SUV’s. Stopping residents while walking when you ride your bicycle.”

The Dominic Toretto actor is renting an apartment in the Dominican Republic in a culture where no one is a hazard to others or anybody else who visits them, as per the letter.

The neighbor claimed they are accustomed to witnessing numerous celebrities such as Vin Diesel who have not enforced their own personal and unreasonable laws while breaching the pleasant comfort of homeowners and their guests during their stay there.

As per TMZ, the New York-bred resident sent the message after security personnel of Vin Diesel allegedly obstructed pedestrians and traffic so the Hollywood star and his kids could ride their bikes on Easter. With wife Paloma Jimenez, he has three children ranging in age from six to thirteen.

A source close to the movie star, however, claimed the extra protection that day was appropriate because his family was around. According to the source, he and his children were distributing Easter baskets to community staff.

The TMZ source explains how the actor never intended to distress the neighbors and has maintained a good relationship with the locals during his two decades of visits to the Dominican Republic. According to the source, the security officers are Dominicans, a push Diesel rendered to hire people in the region.

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