Veronica Falcón is a Mexican choreographer and actress. She is best known for playing Camila Vargas in  Queen of the South. She is also known for playing Lupe in the 2020 HBO reboot of Perry Mason.

Veronica was nominated for the Diosas de Plata award for best supporting film actress for her role as La Diabla in the 2013 film Besos de Azúcar. Veronica’s actress is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 63 kilograms. She is a well-known actress in Mexico who makes a name for herself in Hollywood.

How old is Veronica Falcón?

Veronica Falcón is 55 years old. Besides, Veronica was born on August 8, 1966, in Mexico City. The actress will turn 56 in April of 2022.

A headshot of Veronica Falcón
A headshot of Veronica Falcón
Source: Instagram

Veronica was born in a Christian family. Furthermore, Falcón’s father is an architect, and her mother is a real estate broker. Similarly, her brother became a sports journalist.

Falcón’s family was not thrilled about her wanting to join the entertainment industry. She gained fame as an actress and choreographer in Mexico’s National Opera Company and on Mexican television and film. However, at the age of 50, Veronica decided to pursue her career in the US.

Is Veronica Falcón married?

Veronica Falcón is married to Polish actor Marius Biegai. It is unclear when and how the couple met. However, the couple tied the knot in August 1998 in Mexico.

Veronica posing for a picture.
Veronica is posing for a picture.
Source: Instagram

The couple has been married for 24 years. They have a son named Lucca Biegai. Lucca’s birthday is unknown; however, he is also an actor like his parents.

Who is Saifoulaye Freeman?

Veronica and Marius don’t share the details of their relationship. However, the couple is very much in love and happy together. In addition, the couple is growing in their career together.

What is Veronica Falcón’s net worth?

As of 2022, Veronica Falcón’s net worth is an estimate of $1.5 million. She made her fortune as an actress in Mexico. However, Veronica is currently acting in the US.

Veronica posing for a photoshoot
Veronica posing for a photoshoot
Source: Instagram

The average yearly salary of a Mexican actor is $18,431.28. In addition, choreographers make an average of $15,573.37 per year. Hence, the actress makes $35,000 per year.

However, Veronica’s yearly income has increased since she joined Hollywood. Information on the actress’ house and private properties are a secret from the public. Hence, it is hard to calculate the value of Veronica’s assets.

Social Presence

Veronica Falcón is active on Instagram and Twitter. The actress has 132k followers on Instagram and 14.5k followers on Twitter. In addition, both her socials are verified.

Veronica taking a mirror selfie
Veronica is taking a mirror selfie.
Source: Instagram

Veronica has over 1100 posts on Instagram. The actress shares several selfies with her fans. She also shares quotes about how she likes to liver her life.

Veronica also uses her social media to promote her work. She also shares pictures of her on vacation. However, the actress does not reveal personal details of her life.

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