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Ursula Burns and husband Lloyd’s family facts revealed – How many children do they share?

After completing four years of conjugal life, the couple shared a daughter named Melissa Bean in 1992.The couple has been enjoying the marital paradise for 28 years.

Listed as one of the most powerful women by Forbes, Ursula Burns has successfully made herself a competitive business woman in the male dominated world

Ursula Burns and her husband, Lloyd Bean tied the knot in 1988. They share a daughter, Melissa Bean. She was born four years after their marriage, in 1992.


An exemplary marital bond of Ursula Burns with Lloyd Bean completing 28 years: Credits her better half for the achievement

Actually, Ursula has two children, one from her marriage with Lloyd and a step son from Lloyd's ex-wife. Prior to marrying Ursula, Lloyd was married to someone else, but the marriage ended in divorce. This is Ursula's first marriage.

Ursula was listed as one of the Most Powerful Woman in the world by Fortune. Needless to say, she is a wildly successful businesswomam. She has maintained a balance between her personal life and professional life.