Uma Pemmaraju is one the most flexible TV-reporters known to the news casting world. She is considered very much for her versatile character as she was active in the explanation relating to the stories of investigations which referred to political and medical activities. These works made her the “Boston’s Best Anchor”. She covered the stories daily for 4pm as well as 10pm’s newscasts. Pemmaraju made her first appearance for Fox News in the month of October, 1996. Uma had a keen interest on making reports and then reporting the content to people. In Houston, Texas, and Boston, she did not fall at the back in winning many of the awards for her luminous reporting skills. Being the youngest in her family out of her five siblings, she had the most highlighting moment in her career when she had the opportunity of covering the High Profile news-creators as it was very near to her heart for it depicted a great as well as defining incident for herself and numerous viewers of the news channel. Pemmaraju developed an interest in the interview reporting when she had been working at KTVT-11 in Dallas. Her works made her one of the active journalist in her work. At the time of her childhood she attended Trinity University which was situated in Texas and got the degree which was in political science.

Uma is still considered as one of the active and strong personality in the newscasting. She is also an aspiring woman who is very much enthusiastic in her writing skills. The recent reports depicts that she has got the net worth of $4 million. The survey has not yet revealed her work salary as the salary of Pemmaraju fluctuates as per the work she does. She is also one of the rich anchorperson. Talking about her personal life, it is said that she was married at the age of 19 and got her first child at the age of 34. She currently has three children.