Alligator hunter Troy Landry

'Swamp People' famed Troy Landry posed with his arms folded

Troy Landry is a passionate alligator hunter. He used to do alligator hunting as a source of income for his family's livelihood, which gained high exposure when the reality series 'Swamp People' was premiered in History Channel in 2010. The show was a instant hit, adding two million dollars to Troy Landry's net worth.

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"Swamp People" famed alligator hunter Troy LandryAlligator Hunter Family: Troy Landry with his wife and his sons at A+E  NetworkLouisianan alligator hunter, Troy Landry posing aside deerAlligator hunter Troy LandryTroy Landry with his son Chase Landry filming for History ChannelTroy Landry with his wife Bernita Landry at the NCTA Reception in WashingtonPatience is Virtue - Troy Landry waited 30 years for his dream houseTroy Landry on Swamp People Troy LandryAlligator hunter, Troy LandryTroy Landry


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