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Tory Garity and wife Simone Bent

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Troy Garity and wife Simone Bent smiling for the photograph.

Actors Troy Garity and Simone Bent have been married for a decade now. They began dating in 2005 and got married on August 27, 2007. The couple does not have any children till date.

Troy Garity is being carried by his father, Tom Hayden. They are both looking at something to their left. 1 of 7 Swipe To View More 7
Troy Garity with his father Tom HaydenTroy Garity is cast as a regular in the TV series BallersTory Garity and wife Simone BentTroy Garity is the son of the legendary actress Jane FondaJane FondaTroy Garity and Simone Bent cutting their wedding cakeTroy Garity with mother Jane Fonda and wife Simone Bent

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