Travina Springer is an actress, stand-up comedian and writer. Besides, she started her career in stand-up comedy. And later, she transitioned into acting.

Travina’s most known role is in The Mule. Even more, she voiced the dramatic cow in the We Bare Bear. The actress is set to appear in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel.

How old is Travina Springer?

Travina Springer has not shared details of her life. Her birth date is unavailable. However, the actress seems to be in her late twenties to early thirties.

A picture of Travina praying
A picture of Travina praying.
Source: Instagram

It is not clear where she was born. But the actress grew up in the suburbs with overprotective parents. In addition, the identity of her parents and siblings is also not known.

Springer was raised as a baptist, but she later converted to Islam. It is unclear where she finished high school or if she finished college.

Who is Travina Springer’s boyfriend?

As of March 2022, Travina Springer is single. It is not clear if the actress is gay or straight. She did joke about it in her act; however, she never confirmed it.

Travina in the set of Strange Angels
Travina in the set of Strange Angels
Source: Instagram

There are possibilities that the actress could be dating in secret. Travina’s information regarding her past relationship remains out of view. Travina will probably share her significant other with her fans when she is ready.

Travina’s fans are curious to know who the beautiful actress is dating. However, the answer is almost impossible to find. Some fans believe that she is gay, while others suspect she could be dating one of her co-stars.

What is Travina Springer’s net worth?

As of 2022, Traviana Springer’s net worth is between $1.5 million to $2 million. She makes her primary income by acting. Springer also earns by doing stand-up comedy.

Travina in the studio Voice acting.
Source: Instagram

Actors in America get paid $9.39 to $39.84 per hour. Hence, actors make an average of $28,080 to $60,760 per year. In addition, stand-up comedians make between $16,640 to $74,880.

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Therefore, the actress makes between $44,720 to $135,340 per year. Information on her house and properties are unknown. Thus, the values of her assets are hard to calculate.

Social presence

Travina Springer is active on Instagram and Twitter. The actress has 2,700 followers on Instagram and 750 followers on Twitter. However, her socials are not verified yet.

Travina taking a mirror selfie
Travina taking a mirror selfie
Source: Instagram

The actress has more than 800 posts on Instagram. She enjoys sharing selfies and behind the scenes of her work. Travina also has an Instagram Highlight dedicated to meals she made during Quarantine.

Travina uses her platform to promote her work. Springer also shares a glimpse of her life with fans. While the star regularly posts on her Instagram, she does not share private information.

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