Action Movie Kids

Subscribers: 854K+

Total Views: 332M+

‘Action Movie Kids’ is run by special effects artist Daniel Hashimoto who works for Dreamworks Animation. 

The channel features his 6-year-old son James and his little sister Sophia. 


Subscribers: 65K+

Total Views: 20M+

12-year-old Mya shares educational tricks, crafts, songs on the channel FullTimeKid.

Her father who is a videographer has been helping her make videos since 2013. 


Subscribers: 4.5M+

Total Views: 3B+

EvanTubeHD is run by the father-son combo – Jared, and 10-year-old Evan. 

They are also occasionally joined by Evan’s 7-year-old sister Jillian.


Subscribers: 1.6M+

Total Views: 937M+

11-year-old Ethan posts videos of him playing games, mainly Roblox, Minecraft and Mobile Games.

He created the channel in August 2013 and posted the first video playing Minion Rush on his iPad.

Hailey’s Magical Playhouse

Subscribers: 1.2M+

Total Views: 1.3B+

6-year-old Hailey unboxes toys in front of the camera for her YouTube channel Hailey’s Magical Playhouse. 

The toys are donated to kids in need once the filming is complete.


Subscribers: 1.5M+

Total Views: 1.1B+

11-year-old Jillian and 9-year-old Adelaide review candies on Thursday, toys on Tuesday and Friday are reserved for Kawaii. 

The channel is produced by their father and has been entertaining viewers worldwide since 2008.

Ryan ToysReview

Subscribers: 9M+

Total Views: 15.4B+

6-year-old Ryan reviews toys, mainly cars, toy trains, lego, etc. for the kids his age around the world. 

Most of the toys that are reviewed in the channel are donated to the charity. 


Subscribers: 1.6M+

Total Views: 1.3B+

11-year-old ‘Bee’ and her ‘Mommy’ make Toy review videos, Life Hacks and a lot more. 

They do “blind bag bin” videos on Monday, Play-Doh videos on Tuesday and unboxing videos from Wednesday through Sunday. 

Gabe and Garrett

Subscribers: 1.1M+

Total Views: 1.3B+

11-year-old Gabriel and 9-year-old Garrett make videos of Sidewalk Cops, toy reviews, power wheels racing, superhero videos, etc.

They started posting regular videos since 2013 assisted by their father.

Naiah and Elli Toys Show

Subscribers: 1.1M+

Total Views: 1.2B+

6-year-old Naiah and 4-year-old Elli are the stars of a Toy Parody show for kids.

Their mom films and edits all their videos.