Juan Williams, exemplary American journalist and his wife Susan Delise are celebrating thirty-eight years of married life. In all these years, Juan has built a happy little family with his wife which consists of two sons and a daughter.

Juan Williams and his wife Susan Delise enjoying every single moment with good and bad, the beautiful and ugly chapter of life, completed their 38 years long conjugal journey

Juan exchanged the wedding vows with his lady Susan Delise on 1st July 1978. The couple has been since living their life beautifully, holding each others’ hands through every up and down that life has to offer.

The happiness in the couple’s lives has expanded with the birth of each of their children. They have two sons Antonio “Tony” and Raphael “Raffi” and a beautiful daughter Rae.

Juan Williams and Susan Delise’s wedding photograph:

A couple of months back, on 1st July 2016, the long time married couple Juan William and Susan Delise celebrated the 38th year of their happily married life. His 38 years-long married life with wife Susan Delise has been a strong evident of his happy conjugal life.

Unlike Juan Williams, his two sons have grown up becoming the Republican

William’s eldest son Tony worked as an intern for a year for the GOP Senator, Strom Thurmond. In 2004, he gave a new start by working as a speechwriter and a legislative correspondent for the Republican Senator, Norm Coleman.

Juan Williams with his children:

After serving Norm Coleman for two years, in 2006, he competed for a seat on Council of the District of Columbia. However, he was defeated by Tommy Wells.

Likewise, Juan’s younger son Raffi has served for The House Committee on Rules. He also held the responsibility as a Communications Director for Benishek for Congress. He is currently working as a deputy press secretary for Republican National Committee.

It seems like Juan William’s children has taken distinctive way from his profession. Juan is mostly famous for his brilliant journalism work. He is currently serving as a political analyst for the Fox News Channel.

Juan’s professional life is as bright as his personal life. His dedication and love for his work have been an inspiration for every people.

Juan was awarded an Emmy Award for his brilliant documentary work Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Right Years. In addition to this, he has been honored with other several awards for his incredible investigative journalism work.

Truly, Juan Williams and his wife Susan Delise has become an exemplary couple to the people by sticking together through all the thick and thin of the married life. All his children have settled down in their life and Juan Williams has become a grandfather to twin girls named Pepper and Wesley.