Todd Hoffman, the hot shot gold miner in the Discovery Channel television series, Gold Rush announced his departure from the show.

In Discovery Channel promoted February 17’s episode, ‘Gold Rush: Live,’ Todd announced that he and his crew are leaving the show.

He has been a part of the show since its inception in 2010. As the show went on, he and his crew became the stars of the hit show.

From the beginning, fans and his crew had started rooting for him, even though he didn’t have extensive knowledge of gold mining.

But, throughout the years, he went to become one of the successful gold miners in the show.

And, the fact that we won’t get to see the Hoffman crew in next season has really come as surprise.

Now, after he announced his departure, some have even started assuming if he is considering to pursue his passion for singing.

His cover of the famous song, Sound of Silence, which he released in February 2017 has been highly famous.

Variety has reported that Todd has started a production company named ZUM Media with Portland-filmed TV series, ‘Leverage’ producer, Jose Behar.

The Gold Standard TV is working on its first project called Prodigal, which is based on an idea from Hoffman.

In October 2016, he had posted dispatches of his trip to France, where he had a TV project related meeting.

Todd, who talked about his departure at the end of the episode, also told his fans that he was not done with mining yet.

From his years of gold mining and running other businesses, he has racked up a huge net worth of $7 million.

Fans will get to see Todd Hoffman and his crew in remaining episodes of ‘Gold Rush’ season 8 which will continue on Friday nights in Discovery.