Tilky Jones started as a musician from the band Take 5. However, he later claimed fame as an actor. What’s more, Jones appeared firstly on the CW series One Tree Hill. Likewise, he later joined the ABC family in the Pretty Little Liars TV series.

Over the years, Jones appeared in many other series and movies. Likewise, he came to fame in the TV show My Sister Is So Gay in recent years in recent years. And as such, Tilky managed to accumulate massive net worth. Keep reading to find more about Jones in the article down below.

How old is Tilky Jones? Tilky’s Age and Bio

As of 2022, Tilky Jones is currently 24 years old. Moreover, Jones was born on June 24th, 1981. Furthermore, Tilky the Pretty Little Liars actor was born in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. And so, Jones holds an American nationality. What’s more, Tilky Montgomery Jones was born under the star sign Cancer.

Tilky Jones and his father George Jones taking a picture together
Tilky Jones and his father, George Jones, were taking a picture together. Source: Instagram

Tilky hails from a White heritage. What’s more, he was born to born to George Jones and his wife, Monti Jones. Besides, his father worked as a trial lawyer, and his mom was a floral designer for events. Even today, the well-known actor visits his parents in Vero Beach frequently.

As a child, Tilky grew up with a sibling. Furthermore, the Vero Beach Boy has a brother named Court Jones. Today, Tilky radiates confidence. That wasn’t the case when he was younger. Montgomery used to be a very shy person. But, he later broke out of his shell. What’s impressive is that the actor trained in Jujitsu, Judo and Karate.

Pretty Little Liars star attended Beachland Elementary in his hometown. Afterward, he graduated from Vero Beach High School alongside Mardy Fish and Jake Owen.

How much net worth does Tilky Jones own?

As of 2022, Tilky Jones currently holds an approximated net worth of $13 million. Similarly, the actor/musician managed to earn himself quite the fortune in two decades. Moreover, Tilky currently leads a lavish life from the money he makes.

Tilky Jones and Josh Cole on a yacht sunbathing
Tilky Jones and Josh Cole on a yacht sunbathing. Source: Instagram

Speaking of money, Jones earns thousands of dollars as his salary. Likewise, his annual salary is estimated to be around $500k. However, the typical salary of an actor starts at $17-$20 per hour.

The actor and his family own a yacht. However, the model and price of the yacht remain hidden. Likewise, Tilky loves to travel in his red Ford classic truck. Similar to the boat, the car’s price remains elusive.

Is Tilky Jones Married or Still Single?

No, Tilky Jones is not married yet. Is the actor, Jones, single? Well, no. Tilky is currently dating a fellow actress. Moreover, his girlfriend has a predominant presence in his IG post.

Tilky Jones and his girlfriend Juliette Audrey were on a date
Tilky Jones and his girlfriend Juliette Audrey were on a date. Source: Instagram

Jones dates an actress named Juliette Audrey. What’s more, the couple started dating in late 2019. Moreover, the couple is very open about their relationship. Furthermore, Tilky’s girlfriend appears on his Instagram posts regularly. Likewise, Audrey shares pictures with Jones often.

The future looks strong for Tilky and his partner. However, it remains uncertain when the lovebirds will take the next step. As such, there are no signs of a wedding bell just yet.

Biggest Celebrity Breakups: Which Famous Couple just split up in 2021?

Diving back to the past, Tilky likes to keep it away from his fans and followers. Likewise, the names of his ex-girlfriends remain hidden. But, many fans believed that Jones and his co-star Katrina Begin could have been more than friends. However, the reality is Begin and Jone holds a platonic relationship.

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