Dr. Michael Mancini, aka Thomas Calabro, is an American actor. The actor continued to play the role of Dr. Mancini in the entire season. Moreover, Calabro went through multiple marriages.

Thomas somewhat remains elusive from the spotlight. Nevertheless, here’s what we could obtain in the article below.

How old is Thomas Calabro? Age and Bio

Currently, Calabro is 62 years old. Further, he was born on 1959 February 3 as Thomas F. Calabro. He is originally from Brooklyn, NY, USA. The actor completed high school at Stuyvesant High School as well as graduated from Fordham University, NY. Along with that, he studied acting in New Yorks’s actor’s studio.

Young Thomas Calabro photo from his early acting days.
Young Thomas Calabro. Image Thomas-Calabro

As such, Thomas holds American citizenship. Similarly, he comes from white ethnicity. Besides that, the Melrose Place actor star sign is Aquarius.

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Talking about his physique, the actor is 5 ft 10 inches tall with an average body type. Because of his private nature, the names of his parents or whether he has any siblings remain hidden for now.

His first break role was in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. On the same note, he played the role of Dr. Mancini role gaining him a large fandom and name. Likewise, he even acted in recurring roles in CBS’s and ABC’s Without a Trace and Touched by an Angel and Family’s Greek.

Thomas Calabro, Married or Single?

The classic series actor has married twice. His first marriage was with Elizabeth Pryor, who is a writer/actor through the profession. The duo was married for 13 years, from 1993 to 2006. They even have three children together.

Thomas striking a pose in inner vest.
Thomas Calabro. Source Thomas’s fanpage via Facebook.

Their first child is Conner(daughter), born in 1995. Shortly after that, two sons were born, namely Augustus and Luca, in 1996 and 1999 accordingly. Meanwhile, the marriage turned into a divorce. They eventually ended their long relationship in October 2006.

But again, in August 2015, Calabro married Lisa. Now, they are living together but have no child together.

How rich is Thomas?

You all may be wondering how wealthy Calabro is? Well, talking about his name and the fame the actor earned throughout his career is a lot. Calabro started his acting career in theatre with a minor role. However, his notable role was as Dr.Mancini in Melrose Place.

Thomas in a suit. Image Thomas.Calabro

Thus, his primary source of income is his acting career. Calabro has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million to date. He currently lives in Studio City near Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, he is also a member of the actor’s studio, New York, and Circle Repertory company.

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