9. LeBron James Makes a Fortune from the endorsements

LeBron James came to stardom from his talent on the basketball court. James earned a huge amount of cash from the sport. Likewise, he made approximately $330 million since the day he was drafted in 2003. Similarly, LeBron gained $31.6 million from the recent movie Space Jam: A New Legacy. Currently, he holds a net worth of $850 million.

Highest Paid NBA LeBron James at the Space Jam premier
Highest Paid NBA LeBron James at the Space Jam premier.
Source: Instagram

Counted as one of the highest-paid NBA players, LeBron James is the richest amongst the NBA stars. Naturally, as a beloved athlete, James managed to draw in many endorsements. Besides, LeBron recently became the first active NBA player to be a billionaire. Currently, James draws income via endorsement deals with Beats, Walmart, GMC, and Nike.

8. Howard Stern Counts as the Highest Paid Redio Host

Howard Stern is mostly known as the former judge of Got Talent reality show. Aside from that, he also appeared in many other talent shows. As such, the TV personality thrives in the limelight. As so, he Stern managed to earn himself quite the fortune. Furthermore, according to various sources, his deal with SiriusXM got him $100 million.

Highest Paid Radio Jockey Howard Stern at the radio studio
Highest-Paid Radio Jockey is Howard Stern at the radio studio.
Source: Instagram

Howard holds a very successful career in the entertainment industry. And so, Stern managed to earn a huge amount of net worth. Currently, the TV personality has an estimated net worth of $500 million. And according to various online sources, Stern earns an annual income of around $80-$100 million.