7. Neymar Jr. The Football Prodigy holds huge Endorsements

Neymar is a name that everyone recognizes. Moreover, the talented soccer player is a legend in his own right. As such, Neymar managed to make himself a fortune thanks to his career. Likewise, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior currently owns an estimated net worth of $263 million.

One of the highest paid footballer Neymar Jr
One of the highest-paid footballers is Neymar Jr.
Source: Instagram

According to Forbes, the Brazillian footballer is the highest-paid player in the world. Similarly, Neymar earns around $36 million as his salary. And, he also adds his wealth from all the endorsement deals Neymar holds. Annually, he makes about $25 million from the sponsorships deals with Red Bull, Beats, Mastercard, and more.

6. Tyler Perry Earns Millions While Making Everyone Laugh

Tyler Perry became a household name after playing the character of Madea. Furthermore, he created and portrayed the persona for the movie franchise back in 2005. And due to the success of the first film, it received sequel after sequel. Earning millions at the box office and subsequently making Perry one of the highest-paid actors.

Tyler Perry one of the Highest paid actors in Hollywood standing next to his jet ski
Tyler Perry is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, standing next to his jet ski.
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Back in 2011, Tyler Perry became the most expensive actor. What’s more, his movie franchise earned him a whopping $660 million thus far. Perry made a jaw-dropping amount of $130 million from a single movie. And currently, his estimated net worth sits around $1 billion as of 2021.