Tasya van Ree is Amber Heard's ex-girlfriend

Tasya van Ree and her ex-girlfriend Amber Heard. They are attending a party. Tasya is wearing a backless black top with a black hat and Amber is wearing a off white turtle neck dress. They both are sticking close to each other, the photo was clicked when they were in relationship.
Tasya van Ree and Amber Heard's relationship initiated in the year 2008. They made cute love comments on each other, which collected much hype. The couple were spotted in different events together.

Tasya van Ree is giving a numb look. The photo is black and white. Tasya is looking down, she is wearing a white see through and cream colored hat. She has tattooed a women's picture down her elbow. 1 of 3 Swipe To View More 3
Tasya van ReeTasya van Ree is best known for her black and white photography styleTasya van Ree is Amber Heard

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