Sue Martin, born as Yu-Lan Haiso Martin, is best recognized for appearing in the Discovery Channel’s reality series, Fast N’ Loud. She has been transpired as one of the most conspicuous personalities in the auto upholstery industry. While Sue maybe well admired for her witty humor in the show, but her favorite trait will always be the talent to transform her customer’s trashy interiors to its nearly original look.

Before Fast N’ Loud

Sue Martin was born in a small island nation, Taiwan, to a family of farmers. She learned the ethics of hard work and determination since an early age. Sue traveled to the United States in 1984 with her husband and children to pursue the American Dream. She was introduced to the upholstery industry in 1990 after she and her friend reupholstered her husband’s 1968 Grand Torino.

Sue Martin is standing in front of a custom car. She is wearing a black shirt and a blue jeans. She has put on the black shades to beat the sun. She is leaning on the car. The car behind her is a customized Mator car.

Sue got an opportunity to buy a nearly bankrupted upholstery company in Dallas, Texas with a garage of 1000 square feet. She bought the company for $4500 and initiated ASM Auto Upholstery. Sue learned the craft of upholstering by working alongside her first employee, Adan De La Rosa. Sue worked ceaselessly for years with an ambition to earn the reputation of dependability in the market.

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After few years of ruthless work, ASM Auto Upholstery steadily started to earn reputation and gather few loyal customers. Sue expanded the company by renting additional 1000 square feet to their territory. Subsequently, she expanded ASM by moving the company across the street in a leased 2000 square feet building with a parking lot.

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Three years later, Sue bought the entire 8800-square-feet complex for her upholstery company. Having earned the reputation for the top quality work and on-schedule service, ASM soon became one of the top names in the upholstery business.

Career in Fast N’ Loud resulted in impressive net worth!

Sue had already been doing business with Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage since 2001. However, in 2012, Sue’s hard work finally paid off after Richard decided to feature ASM Auto Upholstery on the show, Fast N’ Loud. Sue initially appeared on the show as a guest cast, but her diligent personality soon made her the regular cast member of the show.

Sue Martin is standing in front of a classic blue car. She is wearing a black shirt and a blue jeans. She is facing straight at the camera with a great smile on her face.

Sue has been one of the most admired cast members of the show. She is usually seen making hilarious comments and bashing her fellow co-stars, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage. Sue appeared in a total of 19 episodes of Fast N’ Loud from 2012 to 2017.

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Her success may not be totally attributed to the reality series, however, it certainly played a huge part. As a top-tier upholstery company, Sue has banked an enormous net worth of 1.5 million as of 2018.

Sue Martin is celebration Christmas with her husband and her grandchildren. She is standing in the far left of the picture wearing a orange t-shirt. Everyone in the picture is looking at the camera with a faint smile on their face.

Additionally, Sue has been married to a man named Heulin since January 9, 1967. The couple shares a son, Richard from their blissful marriage. Sue has two granddaughters, Amber and Emily and a grandson, Nathan.


Yu-Lan Haiso Martin, the humorous star of the Discovery Channel TV show, Fast N’ Loud, was born in Taiwan to a family of farmers.

Sue moved to the United States with her husband and children in 1984.

Her husband’s 1968 Grand Torino was her entrance into the upholstery business in 1990; she and her friend reupholstered it in her garage.

She bought a bankrupted upholstery company which had a 1000 sq ft garage in Dallas, Texas, for $4500, and ASM Auto Upholstery was then born.

Sue started working day in and day out; sometimes she would even work for 24 hours straight for 3 to 4 days.

After years of relentless work, ASM started earning many loyal customers and expanded their territory by renting additional 1000 square feet.

She eventually leased a 2000 square feet building across the street which had a parking lot.

Three years later, Sue bought the entire complex where ASM is located now. 

Richard Rawlings, who owned a garage down the street from ASM, was impressed by their work and decided to use their craft in the show, Fast N’ Loud.

Sue initially joined the show as a guest cast, but it was her funny and outgoing personality that made her a regular.

She appeared in 19 episodes of the show from 2012 to 2017. 

Currently, ASM is the head upholstery company in the D/FW Metroplex, and Sue has procured a net worth of $1.5 million.