Yet another drama has begun on YouTube. Popular YouTubers SSSniperwolf and FaZe Banks are feuding over Alissa Violet, Bank’s current and Jake Paul’s ex girlfriend, after SSSniperwolf dissed Violet during her stream.

SSSniperwolf starts feud with Jake Paul’s ex Alissa Violet

YouTuber SSSniperwolf smiling for a picture. She looks cute with cat ears headband

During her recent live stream, SSSniperwolf insinuated that Violet is dating FaZe Banks for fame and success on YouTube. She said that she thinks Banks is “boosting” Violet on YouTube and that Violet is actually dating Bank’s friend, RiceGum. 

But wait, she didn’t stop there. SSSniperwolf then said that she thinks Violet sleeps with everyone in the YouTube community to “get a free room.”

Jake Paul and Alissa Violet feud continues! Ex YouTube couple release diss tracks against each other

FaZe Banks defends girlfriend on Twitter

Alissa Violet wearing a short dress, she's standing beside FaZe Banks

FaZe Banks responded to SSSniperwolf’s comments on Twitter a few hours after the live stream. He wrote, “Hey you stupid s*ut, are you f**king brain dead?”

He then continued tweeting about her and even posted an old DM sent to him by SSSniperwolf, where she’s trying to get herself invited to the FaZe house.

FaZe Rug tweets about SSSniperwolf

On July 24, Banks posted an old photo of SSSniperwolf on his Instagram. In the caption he wrote, “Sssit tight my children. Diss track on the way.”

Looks like RiceGum’s next diss track will star FaZe Banks!

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SSSniperwolf replied to FaZe Banks tweets!

SSSniperwolf tweeted a response to FaZe Banks’ tweets the same day. She wrote, “Wait do people really think I tried getting with anyone from faze….? other way around kids.”

SSSniperwolf responds to FaZe Banks' claim that she's trying to get with FaZe clan

A few hours ago, SSSniperwolf has provided further explanation about the whole drama. On Twitter, she posted photos of multiple notes that shows her side of the story.

SSSniperwolf responding to FaZe Banks Alissa Violet feud on Twitter

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