Soledad O’Brien is an American multitalented television personality. The word “multitalented” comes from the fact that the Soledad is not just a television personality but also a philanthropist and a broadcast journalist.

O’Brien’s chairman of Starfish Media Group has served as a television anchor for CNN and HBO for two heavyweight channels.

Despite Soledad O’Brien’s popularity, her early life remains in shadows

American by nationality, Soledad was born as Maria de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien. She was born to her parents, Edward Ephram O’Brien and Estela Lucrecia, on September 19th, 1966, in St. James, New York, United States.

Soledad O'Brien was on the stage giving a speech
Soledad O’Brien was on the stage giving a speech. Source: Instagram

As of 2022, Soledad turned fifty-five years old. Likewise, she grew up in Long Island along with her five siblings. However, the details on O’Brien’s brothers and sisters remain hidden.

Her father was an Australian national, and her mother was Afro-Cuban descent. Both her parents were immigrants, and they married in 1958 in Washington DC. Soledad graduated from Smithtown High school East in 1984.

The romance in her personal life keeps her going in her profession

Soledad’s blissful personal life has well-matched her glittering career of hers. Soledad has been married to Bradley Raymond. Moreover, her husband has worked as the co-head of investment banking since 1995.

Soledad O'Brien and her team won an award
Soledad O’Brien and her team won an award. Source: Instagram

O’Brien and her husband welcomed four children. Moreover, they gave birth to two daughters, Cecilia and Sofia Elizabeth, and two sons, Charles and Jackson. But, Soledad keeps her kids out of the media.

Two decades into their marital life, the duo seems to be living a perfect life with their family. O’Brien and her husband have successfully kept their marriage away from divorce.

Soledad has worked alongside some of the big names in the TV

O’Brien’s illustrious career began by working as an associate producer and a writer at WZB-TV, an affiliate of NBC. In 1991, she joined another NBC affiliate program, Today and Nightly News, as a field producer. After Today and Nightly, KRON marked her final association with NBC, where she worked as a reporter for “The Know Zone.”

Soledad O'Brien riding a horse
Soledad O’Brien was riding a horse. Source: Instagram

After she broke her association with NBC, she went on to work for another heavyweight television branch Discovery. She anchored the 1999 program titled The Site, which later became the best technology program. Her career took a different dimension at Discovery, and after that, she went to work for CNN.

She spent almost a decade at CNN, where she hosted programs like American Morning, American Documentaries and Anderson Cooper 360. A lucrative offer from Starfish Media made her leave CNN in 2013.

O’Brien earned numerous awards

Soledad earned numerous awards. In 2008, Soledad won Freedom Voice Awards for raising her voice which helped bring changes in society. Besides that, she also bagged Morehouse School of Medicine, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Goodermote Humanitarian Award(2008), NAACP President Award (2007) and an Emmy.

The charming personality of Soledad has added to her popularity

Soledad has successfully established herself as one of the best in the field, and in the process, she has also accumulated an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her salary remains in the shadows, though.

Apart from her works, she is also renowned for her beauty. Her long hot legs add to her beauty provided by the height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Now in her 50s, the television personality still looks charming as ever.