American singer and model Solange Knowles unveiled her most anticipated album A Seat in the Table in the early hours of Friday morning.

The album, A Seat at the Table, is the singer’s third full-length studio album, which is believed to have songs exploring the meanings of Hollywood blockbuster A Beautiful Mind.

Her latest release was the 2012 EP True. Her first released album was the 2003 album titled Solo Star, which was followed by the 2008 release Sol-Angel and the Hadley St.Dream.

Her awaited album sees a total of 21 tracks which also includes guest appearances from Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne, Kelela, Q-tip, and The-Dream

Singing for the soul #solange

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Elaborating some detail associated with her album, Solange Knowles defined her latest album as, a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief and healing. Her new album, A Seat at the Table, takes on topics like politics, her relationship with her family and her race & identity.

Pouring further details about her new release, Solange went on to say, “We are creating the opportunities and communities that we want to see…a huge part of the record is just honouring and giving a tribute to my parents”.

An emotional Solange Knowles further went on to say, “We grew up in a household with two parents who constantly celebrated Blackness and created forums and space to empower Black communities.”

She explained the roles that her parents played and how they would encourage her to stand up against inequalities. Her parents nurtured her voice to stand up and provided her confidence to keep standing up and making her voices heard against inequalities.

Knowles, giving a conclusion to her speech, thanked her mother for providing her with values which helped her to create stardom for herself.

The album will be a motivation for Black women which is written on the Black woman fighting for her identity. The lyrics and the story that the album carries will define the hardship that her parents and other in the Black community faced.

While recording for her album, Knowles traveled to different parts of the United States which included Long Island, New Orleans, and New Iberia. photography: @carlota_guerrero #aseatatthetable

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Rise, one of the songs in the album was recorded 4 years ago as per the singer. Before the song was performed by the professionals, the singer just practised it by herself with the help of her piano.

And the song will also be one to look out for, as the name suggests it is likely to be one powerful song.