Sheldon Bream is the husband of Fox News reporter Shannon Bream. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet, so read on for a short bio on Shannon Bream’s husband. Also, find out his age and job.

Wiki: Short bio

Bream was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. His exact age hasn’t been revealed yet but he was born in the early 70s. He is the brother of retired MLB player Sid Bream.

He went to Liberty University and graduated in 1993. It was at college that Bream fell in love with his wife. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and Business

According to his LinkedIn profile, he serves as the Director of Bureau Relations at Washington Speakers Bureau. He has had that job since 2005. 

Shannon Bream and Sheldon Bream look elegant together in their classy party look.

Bream is Christian and has a strong faith in God. Shannon revealed in her Liberty University keynote speech in 2013 that she and her her husband “spent a year in intense prayer” before moving to Washington D.C.

In his free time, Bream enjoys fishing and archery. He doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter, but you can find plenty of photos of him on Shannon’s Instagram @shannonbream.

Married to college sweetheart, is Shannon Bream planning for children?

Married to Shannon Bream

Bream is married to former beauty queen and Fox reporter Shannon Bream. The couple have been through thick and thin. They have survived the strains put on their marriage by Sheldon’s brain tumor and Shannon’s recent cornea surgery. Shannon says her husband is an “amazingly supportive man.”

Shannon Bream and Sheldon Bream wedding photo. Shannon is wearing a veil and Sheldon has a light pink rose tucked on his coat.

The exact date of their wedding is not known. But they have been married for around 25 years. They don’t have any children yet. They share a dog named Jasper. 

Bio of his wife : Shannon Bream