Shailene Garnett holds fame from many TV shows over the years. Moreover, Garnett came to stardom as an actress. However, Shailene also works as a filmmaker.

The Canadian actress gained her big break in the year 2015. What’s more, Garnett came to the industry back in 2011. Fun fact, Shailene started her career in the TV show Dual Suspects. To know more about Garnett, the talented actress, keep reading the article below!

How old is Shailene Garnett in 2022? Age and Bio

As of 2022, Shailene seems to be in her late 20s. Furthermore, the actress from Diggstown, Garnett, keeps her early life away from the spotlight. And as such, Shailene’s actual birth date remains hidden from the world’s view.

Shailene Garnett was smiling as she took a selfie
Shailene Garnett was smiling as she took a selfie. Source: Instagram

Shailene holds Canadian nationality. What’s more, the multi-talented actress was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Besides, Garnett keeps her family away from the limelight. And as such, the names of her, Shailene, parents. Moreover, she comes from a black ethnicity.

Although the star from Diggstown keeps her past hidden, she appears to be a college graduate. Moreover, before starting her career as an actress, Garnett worked as an elementary school teacher.

How tall is Shailene?

Shailene Garnett stands at a decent height. What’s more, Garnett stands at five feet and four inches. The actress, Shailene’s eyes are dark brown. Similarly, Garnett holds short dark hair.

Is Shailene Garnett dating? Or is she single?

As of 2022, Shailene seems to be single. Moreover, the talented actress keeps her love life away from the limelight. And so, Garnett could indeed be dating, but in secrets.

Shailene Garnett took a mirror selfie
Shailene Garnett took a mirror selfie. Source: Instagram

Given how pretty Garnett is, it would be no surprise that she dated in the past. However, Shailene hasn’t talked about her past affairs. And so, the names of her ex-boyfriends remain hidden in the murky waters.

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The actress from Diggstown, Shailene, appears to be hungry for success. As such, currently, Garnett seems more focused on her career. What’s more, the actress remains free of any scandalous affairs thus far.

How Rich is Shailene Garnett? Net Worth and Salary

Given the success of Shailene Garnett, many sources claim she owns a massive amount of riches. What’s more, as of 2022, Garnett garnered an approximated net worth of $5 million.

Shailene Garnett took a mirror selfie while shopping
Shailene Garnett took a mirror selfie while shopping. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, an upstart actor/actress earns between $15 to $20 per hour. Likewise, a more seasoned artist makes a bit more. And as a series regular/main cast, Shailene could be making $100k per year.

As seen on her Instagram posts, she loves traveling. Moreover, Garnett also enjoys fine dining too. However, she refrains from posting anything regarding her assets. And as a result, the details regarding Shailene’s houses and cars remain hidden from the public eye.

Social Media of Shailene

Shailene Garnett is an avid social media user. And she holds an account on both Instagram and Twitter. Besides, currently, her IG managed to gain around 4k followers. Likewise, over on Twitter, Garnett gained around 3.7k followers.

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