Sandra Smith has had quite a long married life with husband John Connelly. Despite the various stress and pressure every day, as a reporter, Sandra has been keeping things aside when it comes to spending time with husband John.

The couple has lived a blissful married life. Recently, by God’s grace, this blissful couple has been complimented by a baby.

Kendall Smith is still so much in love with John Connelly

Sandra Smith, the reporter for the Fox Business Network and Outnumbered, was married to John Connelly in 2010 after some time of being together. While in a relationship, the couple had a lot of fun: they went out together to the bars, dances and parties. Absolutely, the couple had an envious time before their marriage.

While Sandra is famous as a TV host, husband John isn’t particularly famous in media. However, the couple has managed to address this difference.

Even after the marriage, Sandra Smith has remained very much playful and passionate about John Connelly. Needless to say, John also feels the same for his wife.

If we count the years, the couple have been together for more than five years now. They haven’t had a single scratch in their relationship yet. Unlike many other couples in the American society, Sandra Smith’s couple is very affectionate and caring about each other.

At the same time, they love each other profoundly. That’s what kept them so intact and blissful for the years so far.

Kendall Smith has two children who fill up her bowl of happiness

After almost three years of marriage, the Connelly couple got complimented with a baby girl in 2013. She was born in a local hospital and was named Cora Belle Connelly by her parents. The first girl came as a huge compliment to their pure love. She filled the family with boundless happiness.

Subsequently, in 2015, the couple was again graced with a child. Shortly after the birth, the child was named John. He came into the world weighing almost 10 pounds.

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The arrival of the second child was taken as another great compliment to their seemingly never-ending marriage. John named the child after himself. It means the couple have been very much fond and expectant of this second child since a very long time.

The Connelly family recently celebrated the first birthday of the second child. Indeed, Sandra Smith is really happy after the birth of her two babies.