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Sam Champion, the former host of '23.5 Degree'

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Sam Champion, formerly of '25.5 Degree' smiling
Sam Champion hosted his own show '23.5 Degree with Sam Champion' after quitting 'Good Morning America'.
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Sam Champion exchanged wedding vows with Rubem RobierbSam champion with his partner Rubem RobierbSam Champion married boyfriend-turned-husband Rubem Robierb in 2012Good Moning America host Sam ChampionSam Champion hosted AmericaSam Champion, the former host of 23.5 Degree.Sam Champion and Rubem Robierb enjoying their outing in BrazilSam Champion, former Sam Champion joined Sam Champion hosted Sam Champion pictured with husband Rubem RobierbSam Champion, the former host of Sam Champion pictured at the 24th annual GLAAd media awards

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