Fans often wonder if Sade Baderinwa is married. Well, she doesn’t have a husband yet, and there isn’t much information on her dating history. However, rumor has it that she shared a romantic relationship with former Maryland governor and presidential candidate Martin O’Malley.

Sade Baderinwa-Martin affair rumors

Sade Baderinwa love scandal partner Martin O'Malley and his wife Katie

Baderinwa’s connection with O’Malley was highly publicized since O’Malley is a married man. He is still married to Katie O’Malley, a district court judge of Baltimore City. Father to four children from his wife, O’Malley never confirmed his relationship with Sade. 

Although Sade and Martin have not made any comments regarding their affair, there have been allegations about Sade’s pregnancy as well. Sade was rumored to be pregnant when she left for New York.

WABC anchor Sade Baderinwa reveals reason for month-long absence

Did Sade Baderinwa really date someone else’s husband?

Sade Baderinwa looks gorgeous in long one one-piece.

There are some ridiculous rumors circulating Baderinwa’s dating history. Some think Martin O’Malley made her leave Baltimore in order to save his name and the façade of a devoted husband & father.

There was also a rumor that she lost her baby in the 2004 car accident. There are even ludicrous speculations that the accident was planned by Mrs. O’Malley. Of course, all of this is just fan theories born out of lack of details on her dating life.

Since moving to New York, Sade Baderinwa hasn’t shared if she’s dating anyone. Probably enjoying her singledom, Sade seems far from making the decision to settle down with a husband.