[Update: Charles Krauthammer is dead  at 68 due to cancer.]

[UpdateCharles Krauthammer gives his “final verdict” and says he has few “days to live”]

Robyn Krauthammer is a painter and sculptor, who is famous as the wife of American author and political commentator, Charles Krauthammer

Prior to Robyn Krauthammer’s career in arts, she was a Lawyer

Robyn Krauthammer was born in Australia. She completed her studies in her birth country and earned her LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree in 1968. For further law studies, she went to St. Anne’s College, Oxford. Prior to coming to the United States, she worked in an international law firm in Paris. 

After coming to the U.S., Robyn left her career as an advocate to pursue her dreams in arts. To gain professionalism in arts, she first studied at the Corcoran School of Art. She then went to Maryland Institute College of Art. She also studied with other notable teachers.

Robyn Krauthammer giving a classic portrait pose. She is looking side ways with a grace on her face. She has been married to Charles Krauthammer for more than four decade

The lawyer-tunred-artist is a co-founder of Pro Musica Hebraica. It was her immense love of Jewish music which led her to form Pro Musica Hebraica. The organization aims to take Jewish music beyond the synagogue and lifecycle events and expose the variety and richness of Jewish classical music to the world. 

As of now, she is also the Chief Executive Officer of Pro Musica Hebraica while husband, Charles Krauthammer, is the chairperson and one of the co-founders.

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She also exhibits at Foxhall Gallery in Washington, professionally. Her work can be found in different private and corporate collections. For all this, we can say that she is actually living her dream in a pretty impressive way. It is speculated that Robyn has a huge net worth but it has not been revealed yet.

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Robyn Krauthammer and Charles Krauthammer have been married for four decades

Robyn Krauthammer is sharing a blissful married life with husband, Charles Krauthammer. Charles is a famous American syndicated columnist, author, and non-practicing physicist.  

The two first met when they were students at Oxford. During an interview, Robyn’s husband mentioned, “I’d never seen a washing machine in my life and struck up a conversation with it. We were married two years later.” 

Side by side images of Charles Krauthammer and his wife Robyn Krauthammer. Charles Krauthammer and Robyn Krauthammer are co-founders of Pro Musica Hebraica.

The two got married in 1974. They welcomed their son Daniel Krauthammer after 11 years of marriage.

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Robyn can be considered as an angel sent especially for Charles. She has been taking good care of her husband’s health and loves him with all her heart. In that scenario, divorce is something that the couple has never thought of.

More recently, Charles Krauthammer had a surgery. As per his friend from Fox, Bret Baier‘s tweet, he is having delayed recovery. During this time, many fans have tweeted for him and have sent him prayers too. 

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