Rick Steves, is a successful TV personality working for Europe Travel with shattering personal life unlike to his successful professional life, after getting divorced from ex-wife Anne, Rick Steves lives a single life busy life with his profession about Travel and Tourism.

His relation with Anne Steves was under series of problems and was finally smashed in 2010. They had 2 well-grown children in the family: Andy and Jackie Steves. It was not too early for them to start experiencing ups and downs that started in between them. Their troublesome marriage life couldn’t find any proper solution and finally devasted into pieces through the divorce.

According to their mutual statements, there is no any doubt that their early married life was full of excitements. But as the time passed on, problems started affecting their relation deeper and deeper. 

After experiencing devastating divorce in past, both of them seem to be busy with their respective professional life. Currently, he is busy with his books and television assignments related to Europe Travel.

It seems their broken marriage after two well-grown children affected him to some extent, as a result, he preferred to stay alone until the date. He has deepened himself completely into work as after 6 years of divorce, Steves is still single.

Rick and Anne had been in secret relation before getting married but their long-term companionship couldn’t be further fruitful to keep their relationship strong. Some personal reason won over their love and caused divorce.

Till the date, any traces of their future plan about getting married hasn’t emerged. At one side, it’s still unknown about Anne Steves and on the other side, he is living his life in a single way.

Rick Steves after divorce with her wife is not planning to marry for the second time.